Prenatal Blood Test

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A selection of lab tests to take during pregnancy.
  • Tests Included: 10

  • Est. 3-5 days Turnaround

  • Specimen type: Urine or Blood

Test Names:
  • 7788 - Blood Type Test:
    ABO Group and Rh Type
  • 36126 - Syphilis Blood Test:
    Syphillis RPR (Diagnosis) with Reflex to Titerand Confirmatory Testing
  • 11363 - Chlamydia/Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA Urine Test:
    Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  • 8475 - Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Immunity, Quantitative Blood Test:
    Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Immunity, Quantitative
  • 91431 - HIV 1 & 2 Blood Test:
    HIV-1/2 Antigen and Antibodies, Fourth Generation, With Reflexes
  • 5259 - MMR (IgG) Panel (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Blood Test:
    Measles Antibody (IgG), Mumps Antibody (IgG), Rubella Immune Status
  • Test Instructions :

    Do not urinate within one hour before collection

    Please do not exercise prior to testing. It is best that your blood is taken in a rested state.

  • Fasting: No
  • Results In: 3-5

    Note: Turn around times on results are an estimate and are not guaranteed. The lab may need additional time due to holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, etc. You can contact us to discuss when your results should be ready and we will contact the lab on your behalf immediately.

  • Reflex: If this test receives a positive result then a confirmatory test/reflex will be carried out automatically.
Blood tests to take as part of a antenatal checkup
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    Your specimen will be collected for you at a local testing center.

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    Results sent electronically in 2-3 days* More complex tests take longer.

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    Better Decisions

    Use your lab results to help make better health decisions. Knowledge is nothing if it isn’t used.


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