• Hemoglobin A1c with eAG

      Used to analyze the average amount of glucose that has been in the blood from the past 8-12 weeks

    • Hepatic Function Panel

      Used to evaluate liver function

    • HIV-1/2 Antigen and Antibodies, Fourth Generation, With Reflexes

      Used to detect acute HIV infection

    • MMR (IgG) Panel (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

      Providing presumptive evidence of immunity to mumps, measles and rubella

    • PSA, Total

      Measuring the level of PSA in the blood both bound and unbound.

    • PSA, Total with Reflex to PSA, Free

    • Syphillis RPR

      To screen for syphilis

    • Syphillis RPR (Monitor) with Reflex to Titer

      Monitoring syphillis

    • Varicella-Zoster VirusAntibody (IgG)

      Useful for the determination of an individual’s immune status to VZV