Iron, TIBC and Ferritin Panel

This panel will help diagnose iron deficiency or iron overload and determines the body's total iron storage capacity as well as assesses the body's ability to transport iron in the blood.
  • Test Code: 5616
  • CPT Code: 83540, 83550, 82728
  • Alternate Name: N/A
  • Test Instructions : Samples should be taken in the morning from patients in a fasting state, since iron values decrease by 30% during the course of the day and there can be significant interference from lipemia.
  • Fasting: No
  • Methodology: Immunoassay (IA) • Spectrophotometry (SP)
  • Results In: 1

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  • Reflex: N/A
Total Iron, Iron Binding Capacity, % Saturation (calculated), Ferritin
For the measurement of total amount of iron in the blood.

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