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Our Mission

To empower individuals with the numbers, both inside and outside their bodies. To help them take control of their health and lessen the burden imposed by current healthcare costs. As they say, knowledge is power but knowledge without action is useless.

We don’t believe in just lab testing. We believe in giving you more with our ecosystem of services, health experts, and systems to ensure a complete service that surpasses just lab results. We are here to alleviate health concerns and provide affordable healthcare solutions to anyone looking to become healthy or maintain their health.

The Problem - Healthcare costs in the USA are expensive and on the rise. Many cannot afford insurance, nor can they afford the cash pay prices available to them. When people get sick, they worry about debt rather than focusing on what matters most - getting better. People are starting to wake up and realize that they are not healthy, and the desire to prevent illness is growing but many people don’t know how.

Our mission is to bring people together to help each other and empower them to invoke change in their own lives through health. We are looking to assemble several solutions to make it easier for people to get healthy for a far lower cost than what is currently available in the healthcare market.

This isn’t just about lab testing for us. It’s about showing you where you are right now, sharing all our knowledge with you and introducing you to the health providers, resources and services that can help support you on your health journey.

What We Do

Patient Lead Testing
An individual can order their own blood work at discounted rates through our website, and all lab orders include a physician's order.
API Solution
For businesses looking to integrate lab work into their platform. Electronic lab orders and results in seconds. A solution that integrates lab testing with a physicians network, providing the ability to offer physician services in 47 states.
Health Provider Portal Solution
A series of portals so that health providers (whether licensed to order lab work or not) can refer patients for lab testing for the lowest cost.
Health Risk Assessment
Take one test and find out where your health is right now.
Wellness Events
For companies looking to carry out wellness events onsite.
Health Provider Directory
A directory of like-minded health providers who an individual can reach out to.

We are the lab testing solution for everyone... Whether you are an individual looking to lead your own way in your healthcare journey; A health provider looking for an easy way to refer patients for lab work and receive results; A business looking to build their own mobile health application that utilizes lab work; Or a corporation looking to keep your workforce healthy... We have all the solutions you need. That is what we do - help as many people as we can, and if we can’t help you, we will direct you to the people who can.

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