• ABO Group and Rh Type

      Will show if you are you're A, B, AB or O and positive or negative.

      $46.00 $27.98
    • CBC (includes Differential and Platelets)

      This test can evaluate the overall health of an individual. Can be used to identify a wide range of disorders.

      $42.00 $22.49
    • Ceruloplasmin

      Used with individuals that have possible Wilson disease

      $50.00 $27.50
    • Copper

      Assess the level of copper in the blood

      $63.00 $38.00
    • D-Dimer, Quantitative

      Helping rule out clotting episodes and to help diagnose thrombosis conditions

      $193.00 $117.64
    • Ferritin

      Used to measure Ferritin levels in the body. Low Ferritin levels can indicate iron-deficiency anemia

      $45.00 $25.00
    • Fibrinogen Activity, Clauss

      Measure the ability for the body to form a blood clot

      $76.00 $46.22
    • Folate, Serum

      Assessing folate levels in the body to assess for deficiencies

      $58.00 $34.92
    • Glucose

      Utilised to diagnose diabetes and show intermediate hypoglycaemia

      $43.00 $26.17
    • Hematocrit

      Measuring how much of your blood is made up of red blood cells

      $42.00 $22.50
    • Hemoglobin A1c with eAG

      Used to analyze the average amount of glucose that has been in the blood from the past 8-12 weeks

      $50.00 $30.00
    • Iron, Total

      Measure the level of iron in the body

      $43.00 $25.79

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