• CA 125

      Useful for evaluating patients' response to ovarian cancer treatment

    • CA 15-3

      Monitoring treatment of breast cancer patients

    • CA 19-9

      Can be used for diagnosis and monitoring of pancreatic cancer

    • CA 27.29

      Can be used with your health provider for the early prediction disease

    • Calcium

      Measures the level of calcium in the blood

    • CBC (includes Differential and Platelets)

      This test can evaluate the overall health of an individual. Can be used to identify a wide range of disorders.

    • CEA

      Can be used with your health provider to monitor colorectal cancer and other cancers.

    • Coenzyme Q10

      Assess the level of Coenzyme Q10

    • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

      The 14 tests measured in the CMP provide an overview of general health for individuals.

    • Glucose

      Utilised to diagnose diabetes and show intermediate hypoglycaemia

    • Hepatic Function Panel

      Used to evaluate liver function

    • Lactate Dehydrogenase (LD)

      The lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) test looks for signs of damage to the body’s tissues.